Reconditioning, Remachining, Pump, Turbine & Other Equipment Assembly

Westside Machine has specialists in the repair and reconditioning of large machinery. Pump assembly, turbine assembly, reconditioning and remachining are all in our wheel house. We can disassemble, inspect, remachine fitting surfaces and reassemble complete. Our CNC controlled boring mills with X Axis of up to 20' and Y Axis of up to 10' are ready to meet your requirements.

Our Remachining Pros Are Ready When You Are

Our pros provide expertise, knowledge and create recommendations that find the right solution your remachining and reconditioning needs. With careful attention to equipment assembly, condition and overall design, Westside makes sure your equipment is ready to go when you are.

Our multi-disciplined teams are happy to meet with you and map out create, effective remachining plans, comprehensive condition assessments for reconditioning and equipment assembly, ensuring that assembly tolerances and balancing are on the mark.

We proudly serve the Chicago area's grand old industries, including Steel & Aluminum and Food & Paper, plus many others. Call (630) 243-1069 or use our Contact Page.