Assembly, Inspection & Welding in Chicago

Along with our precision machine expertise, we also offer exceptional workmanship in inspection, assembly and welding in Chicago.


Every piece of equipment that comes through our door gets cleaned and taken apart for our inspection team to analyze. Then we provide our skilled knowledge of what repairs need to be made on a personalized strip report given to each customer.


Our highly skilled assembly group has over 40 years of experience in mechanical & electrical engineering in addition to reading industrial prints.  We hold a wide range of precision machine instruments such as outside and inside micrometers, depth micrometers, chrome thickness gauges, hardness testers and pressure testing pumps.  We offer testing of equipment when applicable and encourage our customers to visit our shop when testing occurs and we have some great glass shop front from a source online, click here to learn more. If not, we provide pictures and videos of the examination as needed. 


Our fabricating work and welding in Chicago includes steel, stainless & bronze welding.  Much of our work includes repair welding in Chicago, but that’s not the only weld work all we do. We have the crane capacity and proficiency to fabricate medium to large items. Our welding services include TIG, MIG, sub-arc and spot.

Westside Is Ready For Your Assembly, Inspection & Welding in Chicago Needs

We have been a family owned and operated precision machine shop in the Chicago area for over twenty years. In addition to assembly, inspection and welding in Chicago, we offer services like Mandrel Repair, CNC Machining and More. Call us at (630) 243-1069 or use our Contact Page.